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Ancient Eastern Philosophy and the latest Western Technology are combined in full harmony to create masterful design and modern luxury.


The Core Architect team led by Anabela Maciera is inspired by the simply things. 


They begin with nature, influenced by smooth forms and shapes, the environment is contemplated. Natural materials are blended with ecological and extreme energy efficient technology  to create a harmonious living space specifically tailored to your needs. 


These unique homes replicate eco-systems - conserving precious energy and water resources.




The laws of Feng Shui are meticulously applied so that the Zen energy QI flows through the building like a gentle breeze on a warm summer day.








The architectural team are masters of leveraging design and construction methodologies such as the Germanic Passivhaus that results in Near Zero Energy Buildings. These unique homes are optimised to consume only slightly more energy than they produce. 




Technology like excellent insulation are used to ensure a constant ambient temperature even

when temperatures drop or rise significantly. 


While the use of harmless, non-allergenic and non toxic materials ensure an ecological home that comforts and enhances your wellbeing. 



Anabela Macieira confirms that as architects she feels responsible  for the spaces she creates. 


~We go into a strong dialogue with each individual client and  the environment, in order to create spaces of wellbeing and highest comfort. 


Nature has always had a profound influence on human beings, it is a strong provider of life energy and vitality. This vital energy is found in our architecture. 


We observe, identify, relate to possible improvements and investigate new solutions. 

By re-evaluating, thinking out of the box, we find new forms of application of materials and new technologies in more sophisticated means. 


It is never a simple process but always a very exciting process of a bespoke design-work for a new form of building project and produce innovative structural solutions.

We dare to be innovative – and we invite you as our client to go on this journey finding new ways of dealing with materials and building techniques and to create outstanding vitalising spaces. ~



We love the modern take on the traditional Portuguese villa renovation.

                                                                                ~ Azul & West


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KEY ZEN Arquitectura  Lda

Dipl.- Ing. Arch. Anabela Macieira

Avenida 5 de Outubro, 286 1º Andar 8135-103 Almancil (opposite Apolónia)

Algarve, Portugal

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